Unfortunate Son!

”Dear and honoured father,

I have the Misfortune to acquaint you that I was convicted the Day before yesterday at the Assizes and am to suffer the 7th of April next for Horse stealing…

I may get off for transportation, I have no other hopes left…

From your unfortunate son

~ Richard Turpin.’

Alas! There was no hope of transportation for Dick Turpin as on this day in the year 1739 – he went to the gallows at York Tyburn.

Yet in spite of the ignomy of falling prey to body snatchers necessitating an undignified burial in quick lime – his conviction at the York Assizes would soon pave the way for the arrival of this notorious felon into the annals of historical legend with whispers of courageous derring-do and a horse named ‘Black Bess’.

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