Sand. Grit. Dust…

Inspired by the local colloquialism of ‘Yorkshire Grit’ and named after the Pennine sandstone which for centuries has been used to grind corn – ‘Yorkshire Grit’ is also a state of mind, an elusive virtue which speaks of courage in the face of adversity and of the human spirit refusing to be ground down.

But WHY ‘Yorky Grit’?

Fondly described as the ‘Cinderella’ of her family and while our Lady Brigante ekes out a living from her miniature creations while working hard as a company director to increase the profile AND profit margin for Death in a Chocolate Box – she is also a care giver for her infirm mother and a younger brother who struggles with dementia.

That she has an irascible spouse, two high-maintenance felines and a gaggle of hens who also demand her care and attention and a large house to run merely adds to the romanticism of this sorry tale.

However, earlier this year during one cold, grey UK lock-down afternoon, and with an income running on negative, no access to a research library; and with a painful wrist tendon having thwarted her All Hallows Eve plans for some model design and clay sculpture – our Lady B retreated to her lair.

And while poised before a blank computer screen her telephone rang and as she answered call after call of bad tidings – she opened an email from the IPO warning her of a potential threat to her beloved Death in a Chocolate Box brand.

And just like that – all of her precious creativity and those stories waiting to be shared, now vanished into the ether along with her exciting plans AND motivation.

Tether. End. Of. Reached? Absolutely!

Now, ever faithful to her Yorky nature, she was in need of a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit or two.


As she waited with heavy heart for the kettle to boil, she remembered the tale of the soprano singer Lesley Garett from the BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? in which Lesley talks candidly of her emotional struggle upon leaving home for the first time and of receiving a handful of Yorkshire grit by post from her mother by way of reply.

And having gone in search of a glass bottle from her collection of miniature curios and now with some local grit to hand – she bottled it and carried this miniature back upstairs to her desk.


And there this little bottle of Yorky grit has stayed to this day – like a faithful friend, a witness to that difficult day and a powerful reminder that this too shall pass.

One brighter morning weeks later and while gazing a this little bottle of grit – our Lady B was suddenly smitten with the desire of sharing this miniature and all that it embodies with the rest of the world.


And so, having invested some of her savings in a huge bag of locally sourced grit, logo design, a collection of tiny bottles, another website, some beautiful keepsake cards, personalised ribbon, an array of cute vintage labels, a special stamp or two, some gloriously colourful recycled shredded paper and a selection of attractive kraft pouches – ‘Yorky Grit’ was thus created!

From a day of despair to dare to dream.

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