Public Health Policy

‘An ounce of safety is worth a pound of cure’

~ Benjamin Frankin

Coronavirus Safety and Additional Information

In this brave new world we now find ourselves in – The Polite Tourist Limited is committed to providing an enjoyable AND safe experience for our clients.

And in these uncertain times – those considering taking a walking tour may understandably have concerns about their health and safety.

However, we hope that our Public Health Policy will offer a note of reassurance.

As The Polite Tourist is marketed as a walking tour – we have adopted the guidelines required for the hosting of an outdoor event.

Prior to Your Walk:

We will follow government guidance to determine the maximum possible group size.

We will encourage our clients to buy a ticket for their walking tour directly from our website or by prior arrangement through our office.

We will only accept payment for our walking tours by card or bank transfer by prior arrangement through our office.

We will advise our clients not to join our walking tour if they or any other member of their party are displaying any or all of the symptoms of Coronavirus.

We will encourage our clients to contact our office by Email or telephone 44 (0) 7485 216628 if they are unable to join our walking tour or should they wish to raise a concern.

During Your Walk:

We will ensure that we are familiar with public health guidelines and will adhere to these guidelines for the duration of the walking tour.

We will adhere to government recommended social distancing between ourselves and our clients at all times.

We will encourage our clients to adopt appropriate social distancing between each other if required.

We will avoid the shaking of hands or any other physical contact with our clients.

We will use a voice amplifer as the means of maintaining effective social distancing on our walking tours.

We will, if requested, consider the wearing of a mask.

We will, wherever possible, every effort to negotiate the more crowded areas of York, or if appropriate, any crowded area will be avoided.

After Your Walk:

We will record and securely store the contact information of our clients for at least 21 days following the date of their walking tour to assist with the process of test and trace.

We welcome your comments and any suggestions concerning our Public Health Policy on this Site can be directed to The Polite Tourist Limited

Last Updated: March 2023