Foul Deeds in Fulford

‘When we make stories, when we turn raw events into personal sagas, parables, tales, and anecdotes, we are often struggling to come to terms with one of the inescapably difficult and puzzling facts of existence.’

~ Robert Fulford

Along with Blue Bridge of York

Fulford is an historic village and parish on the fringes of the City of York and the site for the infamous Battle of Fulford in September 1066 which resulted in a decisive victory for the Viking army.

And even today, the army is as synonymous with Fulford as the railway is to York and although the cavalry barracks established in Fulford in 1795 as a response to the threat of the French Revolution have since vanished into the annals of military history – Fulford is still home to the York Garrison of the British Army.

The remains of the Fulford Cross, a medieval boundary cross of limestone can still be seen opposite the Imphal Barracks – a lasting witness to the turbulence of Fulford’s rich history.

Fulford is also home to the Victorian treasure that is York Cemetery, the Millennium Bridge, a quaint collection of almshouses and some fabulous pubs!

For those of a curious and hardy temperament – why not come along and listen to the Lady Brigante one Friday evening as she shares with you the tales of those ordinary folk including the lady of mystery, a tragic poisoning, the affable soldier and a strange case of religious mania.

And ALL lost to history – until now!

However, for those of a sensitive nature who are averse to real stories of tears, heartache and tragedy – a walk to Fulford with the Lady B one Friday evening may NOT be to your taste.

foul deeds in fulford


Time: 19.00

Rendezvous: Fulford Arms Public House. 121 Fulford Road. York. YO10 4EX

Car Park: Q-Park Barbican. Kent Street. York. YO10 4AH

Public Transport: First YorkTransdev YorkYork PullmanArriva Yorkshire.

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