Chatting Death and Despair!

“The past changes every time we retell it.”

~ Hilary Mantel

As All Hallows Eve beckons, Lady B our intrepid genealogist and grave hunter will present an evening of ‘Wantons & Wits’ at Bedern Hall on FRIDAY October 28 at 7pm.

To Bedern Chapel in York

Nestled in the delightful area of St Andrewgate, the tiny court of Bedern has long enjoyed an illustriously haunting history.

However, during the Victorian era, and as a throng of brothel-keepers, pickpockets, criminals and pleasure-seekers claimed the streets around Bedern as their own – this once respectable area of York would become an urban underworld of vice and crime.

Drawing on exclusive archival material, newspaper reports and an unpublished autobiography – ‘Wantons & Wits’ will shine a light on the notorious history of this enclave in the 19th century and of our understanding of Victorian morality as the Lady B shares the tales of those long-forgotten folk.

Curious Much?

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