The Hand that Rocks the Cradle?

What can possibly be said about a life of ONLY five weeks?

On the evening of Wednesday November 19 1884 a little girl called Sarah Ann was born to the 36 year old Peter Casper, a glazier and his wife of five years and ten years his junior, the former Mary Jane Calverley.

And on a chilly December day, two weeks later and leaving their home in Dundas Street, the parents took their first born child to St Saviour’s Parish Church in York for baptism.

Described as a “nice little girl” little Sarah was apparently well-developed and during her brief lifetime she was usually to be seen suckling away, clad in a bed-gown, covered with an old thick cloak and shawl in the arms of her fond mother.

However, with Christmas Day been and gone – little Sarah Ann Casper was soon no more and the circumstances of her death on Friday December 26 1884 would shine a harsh and uncompromising light into the darkest crevices of York’s society as the pitiful story of this baby’s life unfolded.


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